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In some sense, yes, although I frankly haven't been thinking about the Devil much.
    Well, so I'm with you on this little thought experiment, so what were you saying about that "God archetype"?
Sure, that works much the same way. One of the things I would expect the perfect core of my being to be able to do is perceive perfectly, be perfectly in touch with other people and their being-cores, their internal God-selves. So then they all connect, and we have like a better version of the collective unconscious, a greater meta-God-mind of all human life.
    And then, by either linking the concept of the God-self with the concept of the generative-God-principle, or assuming that all living things have this capacity, and maybe non-living things, we can then extend the collective God-self to not just Humanity, but Life, and possibly further, to Matter, and then to Everything. So if there's an Everything-God-self, then that's pretty much the same as saying that there's an omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent God.
But then is he anthropomorphic? Big bearded guy, and all that? And what about the Goddess-wierdos?
    Well, my thought is he's anthropomorphic out to the point of the collective Human God. Who is, of course only omnipotent as far as people go. He wouldn't, presumably, be the same God who parted the Red Sea; Moses would have to have been calling on a higher, more elemental God.
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