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You can see how we could easily break this down into something exactly like Shintoism, where every single thing has its own spirit, or select any subset of God to give a name to, like Mars, the collective potential of all warriors and all warrior parts of all humans' psyches. Presto, all primitive religions explained!
    So is God a man or a woman? Well, the ultimate God is neither, It is much more fundamental than that, but I would naturally call my internal God male (even then, perhaps incorrectly, but let's just say); and when I talked about Him, I'd also be talking about all the other sizes and shapes of God. Whereas if I was a woman, I would naturally call Her female.
But you are; a beautiful woman.
    You say the sweetest things.
And so, if I were, say, a turtle, then He would be --
    Wait a second, I smell a setup....
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