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Well, we like to say that that was God. Creating all of that deliberately. But okay, you can describe it as an impersonal force if you want… but if it predates your DNA, then it predates your parents' DNA too, right, and so on….?
    Yes, yes, that's so. So what you have is, in you, a zillionth-generation generative force, that goes all the way back to the Big Bang. 
I mean, a real science purist would say that all your basic elemental atoms were created from this explosion of energy in a random way, or according to some sort of immutable pre-existing principles of organization.
    But, hey, it doesn't matter if we call the origin of the pattern random, because it's a pattern. It's organized. And we can name the cause of that organization anything we want to, it's still responsible for all life on Earth, and everything everywhere else in our Universe as well. 
So we can call it Random or we can call it God, it doesn't change the fact that that's the most fundamentally powerful thing there is, and that we have it inside of us.
    So the Devil would be, say, Entropy?

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