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Hey, I was just trying to cut off her pigtails, but she was jerking around too much. I tellya, Granpa may've forgiven me, but Dad beat the crap out of me four nights in a row for that one. Broke my nose and my wrist.
    Old school.
Granpa Ed used to take me to the park after school and buy me grape lollipops. Man, I loved Granpa Ed. When I was fifteen, he got shot in the chest with a 12-guage shotgun during a convenience store holdup.
    That's when I stopped going to Church on Sundays and saying my prayers at night.
I still confess, though, like I said. I guess I think if God's a nasty bugger like he seems to be, I better at least cover my ass as best I can. So, do you believe in Him?
    Me? Well, I sure wasn't raised Catholic, and I reckon my Pop was an out-and-out atheist, or maybe just someone thoroughly alienated from the Church, which wouldn't be unusual. So I never really knew what to think. 
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