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I mean science sure doesn't have all the answers, but I sure never found organized religion very appealing. So mostly I just read a lot. Psychology, mythology, philosophy, comparative religion, whatever.
    Yeah? I didn't know that.
Hey, well, I mean it's just a hobby. But lately, like I said, it's been more on my mind. I walk around and think about it. So I always liked this idea that God wasn't an external force, but an internal one. You know, like the Bible is all metaphorical, it takes place in dreamspace.
    Hippy freak. Go on, I'm listenin'.
So God is an archetype for the part of you that has no limits, that can do anything, be anything, is all-powerful within your internal world, and by extension has enormous power to influence the external world.
    Also, He can be described as the generative force. The pattern or the energy or the thing that exists even before those, that organizes you, a human being, out of a soup of molecules -- or rather, a shapeless sea of energy. The way your DNA contains a pattern for every part of your body, the pattern for that DNA must in turn exist in some way, and that's sort of like God.
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