The Iliad

My biggest, most ambitious book ever.

More than three thousand years ago, two armies faced each other in an epic battle that rewrote history and came to be known as the Trojan War. The Iliad, Homer’s legendary account of this nine-year ordeal, is considered the greatest war story of all time and one of the most important works of Western literature. This stunning graphic novel adaptation captures all the grim glory of Homer’s epic. Dynamic illustrations take readers directly to the plains of Troy, into the battle itself, and lay bare the complex emotions of the men, women, and gods whose struggles fueled the war and determined its outcome.

2019, Candlewick Press, 270 pp., full color – ORDER A SIGNED COPY
paperback $16.99 ISBN 978-0763696634
hardcover $27.99 ISBN 978-0763681135

Sample pages:
“Hinds takes painstaking efforts with his fine-lined watercolors to depict each character in a readily distinguishable way, even while in pitched battle, fully armored. The excellent visual guides, maps, and notes aid in this task and further contextualize the epic’s time, place, and significance. The most striking scenes are the battles, presented in intimate detail and in awe-inspiring, sweeping overviews.” — Publisher’s Weekly, starred review
“Clear scaffolding, well-chosen abridgements, readable prose, and stunning art invite readers into this exceptionally compelling version of the episode of the Trojan War handed down through Homer’s Iliad.” — Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books, starred review
“An expertly crafted rendition and a welcome invitation to younger readers to immerse themselves in the ancient past.” — Kirkus
Upcoming Appearances
5/18 – Gaithersburg Book Festival, Gaithersburg MD
6/21-6/24 – ALA Annual, Washington DC (table 3909)
7/6-7/7 – Nerd Camp MI
11/22-11/24 – NCTE, Baltimore MD (booth 341)
Medium: The Iliad is drawn with digital pencil (using Procreate on an iPad Pro), painted with watercolor, and enhanced digitally.
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