I'm pleased to be able to offer custom prints. These are produced using a large-format Epson Photo Printer, which produces genuinely photographic quality prints up to 13 x 19", which are archival for at least 25 years (up to 200+ years) under normal viewing conditions (i.e., not in direct sunlight).

The ink is expensive, and it requires some setup for each image, so I'm charging $30.00 per print, plus shipping. Large prints will come rolled in a tube; smaller prints may fit in a stay-flat envelope.

Here's the cool but tricky bit. I can make you a print of pretty much any image from my books, my website, or anything else you've seen of mine. But you have to tell me what it is. So once you've clicked the 'buy' button below, you have to describe the image in the instruction field.

For example:
"The page spread in Beowulf part 3 of the dragon burning Beo's village", or
"King Lear, page 6, without the text", or
"The unpublished illustration bob_tech.jpg from garethhinds.com"

Also tell me what size you want. They're all the same price, but smaller and more standard sizes like 5x7" or 8.5 x 11" are cheaper to frame.

For comic pages that have text, please specify whether you want the text or not.

I will email you a jpg before I print it out, to make sure it's the correct image. I will also let you know if there's any problem with that image (for example, if it's just too small to be blown up to the size you want).

Okay? If you have questions email me.
Or, if you've got it... Order Now.