NYHS Exhibit Illustrations
Gareth Hinds
  Photos from the exhibit

Kieft land Grant-

William Kieft, an early governor of New Amsterdam, granting a parcel of land to some of the slaves who had helped the colony fight Native Americans.

Digital (Illustrator, Photoshop).
Life-size. Style to match wire figure sculptures in the same gallery.

rev_war_soldiers Revolutionary War Soldiers -

1 Officer, 3 Infantrymen, and 1 Black loyalist representing the 20% of the British side made up of American blacks who had been promised their freedom if they fought against the rebels. They're looking at a map of fortifications along the hudson river.

Ink, Watercolor
Reproduced life-size. Original size 18x24"

Portraits of 10 notable black citizens

Ink, Watercolor, Acrylic.
Reproduced life-size. Original size 6"x12" (1/6 scale)
mariner cornish hewlett beaux ferguson

Rev. S. Cornish
J. Hewlett
(as Richard III)

"Black & White Beaux"
K. Ferguson
(school teacher)

dancing for eels
corn seller

"Dancing For Eels"
Chimney Sweep
Hot-corn Seller


Emancipation Parade

Multimedia presentation documenting the emancipation parade of 1827.

Arcylic. Projected 26' wide on a curved screen by two digital projectors, with the crowd appearing in several layers / stages.

Full parade image
Layer progression
Photos from the exhibit
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