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robot grief
I guess Deus is now what we call an old chestnut. I started it back in 1997 when I first started thinking about publishing comics, and originally it was "the comic" of THECOMIC.COM.

It's very experimental in nature; you'll notice that the visual style frequently changes as I try out different techniques, and I was making up the story more or less as I went along. It was a lot of fun, but I gradually ran out of good ideas for where to take it next, and my graphic novels started to take up most of my time.

The Story: Deus is an essentially mythological story. It posits a number of archetypal, quasi-supernatural characters and explores their interaction with each other and with the normal world in which the rest of us live. Read Deus (opens in a new window)
Book 1: Introduces Cam, our ersatz hero, and his mischeivous acquaintance, Tom Crow. Cam is the Fool archetype, swept from place to place by the actions of the other characters, lacking an agenda of his own. Tom, the Trickster, incorporates Cam in his latest scheme, in which he attempts to bring a small robot named Lenny to higher consciousness. In the process, the mechanical state of human consciousness is revealed and made fun of. There's also seduction, body-swapping, and more.
Book 2: Cam receives a visit from Iris, the sexually frustrated Seeress. She has seen Cam's nemesis, Malven, in a vision, and he has murder in mind (actually, he always has murder in mind). There follows a brief overview of biomechanics, a revelation regarding Cam's hidden talent, and a climactic Jackie-Chan-esque battle in the middle of a street fair.
Book3: A little one-act play about life and death in a parking garage. After this the story gets a bit wishy-washy.