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My appearances, like my books, are best suited to middle school ages and up. I speak to English classes, art departments, writing groups, college illustration / literature / design programs, and library special programs.

Please contact me for rates and availability


The Basic Presentation- This is the core of most visits. I do a multimedia show & tell about my work, how I got to be a graphic novelist and what it's like. I also touch briefly on my work in the computer game industry. I show examples of my work, all the way from early childhood up to in-progress, not-yet-published books. I show the progression from an idea, a doodle, or an existing text to a finished, published work, and talk a bit about how I structure my time and stay organized. Usually I talk for about 30 minutes, then take questions for the remaining time. I need a digital projector & screen setup, to which I will connect my own (PC) laptop.

I'm happy to modify The Basic Presentation to emphasize topics in which you think your students might have special interest. Here are a bunch of examples: reading literature for themes and symbolism adapting a text - visual storytelling - materials and methods - the business of illustration - the book and comic industries - contract and copyright - computer game art and the game industry - a particular one of my books - research and reference for historical subjects - printing and prepress - portfolio and promotion - running a business - graphic novels I like - other artists' approaches to visual narrative - comics in other countries.

Hands-on Comic Art Workshops: In these workshops I try to give kids a feel for the various stages or aspects of illustrating a story, and the range of problems and solutions involved in each. I show them examples and give them simple, quick exercises. I haven't completely standardized these, so each one is somewhat customized to the age of the students, the time available, special requests from the faculty, etc.

Exercises and concepts I cover in these workshops (time permitting) -
Approaching a story
Designing characters and setting
Beginnings, endings, and middles
Panel-to-panel: choosing your moments
Composition and camera
Text-image relationship
Drawing: gesture and action, realism and cartoon iconography
Making action scenes dynamic
Using digital and traditional materials and methods.

If you have a group with a special project or focus, I can put together a specialized workshop/demonstration upon request. There may be a small additional fee for preparing the material.

Additional Notes:

It is strongly recommended that the students have at least begun to read one or more of my books before the visit. This helps them connect to the work and to me, and gives them a chance to think of questions for the Q&A.

You can arrange for students to be able to purchase my books at the event, at a discounted price. I recommend first contacting your local bookstore. Most bookstores, especially independents (i.e. non-chain stores) will be happy to sell you books at an educational discount, and some will even bring books to the event and handle sales for you. To find your local independent bookstore, just do a search on Indybound.

Your school may also have an account with an educational distributor such as Booksource or Follett. Also, if your school is Title 1, you may be able to purchase books at a very deep discount from First Book.

You may be able to get the books directly from the publisher, with 3-4 weeks advance notice. Most of my books are published by Candlewick Press. Contact You can email me if you need additional help, or want the self-published edition of Beowulf.